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Classic Barefootboard

No matter how you rotate and turn it, our CLASSIC barefootboards simply fit in everywhere. The megawood® combination floorboard profile allows the boards to be laid on both sides – either with a finely riffled or grooved surface.

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Premium Plus

Too refined for outside? As if! The megawood® PREMIUM PLUS barefootboards are a top-quality product. This is where unique specimens meet volume production: The uniqueness of the planed floorboard surface is combined with the advantages

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The LITUM composite decking board unites the best properties of 3 material worlds: Wood, polymer and stone. The droved surfaceproduces a natural interplay of colour and light reflections. The solid appearance of the board combines the visual

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Fence System

The LIMES fencing system from the megawood® brand family emphasises the features of your garden design. The natural marbling of the fencing panels that can be freely combined with the frame design make the fence as lively as your garden.

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Would you like to carry on enjoying your terrace when it gets dark? Then use megalite to create atmospheric light accents. The combination of LED linear lights and spots ideally supplements our megawood® terraces.

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Dynum Barefootboard

Dynamically windswept dunes from the Sahara Desert inspired us to create a floorboard with a unique look. Allow yourself to be amazed by the DYNUM barefootboard on your terrace and experience the fascinating radiance under

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